Whilst CanTech has been granted permission to search at over 40 locations, many from the Woodland Trust, Forestry Enterprise and Grimsthorpe Castle Estate, we are always looking for more. Some areas we can only use at certain times of the year and we are happy to comply with any restrictions in this regard.

CanTech specializes in water search and thus we also need areas of water to train on or around. We are fortunate to be able to use Pentney Lakes and Watermead Country Park but, again, we are always looking for other areas.

If you would like to offer us use of your land or water then please contact the Hon. Secretary.


If you like the outdoors and would like to help CanTech but cannot give a huge commitment then we are always looking for real volunteers to ‘get lost’ for us by pretending to be a missing person.

We will only call upon your service when we are training in your area so it may be anything between once and four times per year but giving up that one day for us will help immensely. You will be provided with a detailed briefing and a radio prior to being placed in your ‘lost’ position so we can always find you and stay in contact to look after your welfare.

The dogs seem to work better when there is a real stranger out there rather than just another member of the unit and so we can get a better idea as to how they will react in an operational situation. Although training is a serious business occasionally we ask you to call upon your acting skills and also use props and make-up to simulate more realistic scenarios. This gives the Handler and Support a work out for their communication skills, first aid skills, radio skills, risk assessment skills instead of just concentrating on what the dog is telling them and thus is invaluable in our training.

If you would like to ‘MisPer’ for us then please contact the Hon. Secretary for more details of what would be required of you.