Search Information


The first search carried out by a CanTech dog was in Lincolnshire in 1998, since then as the unit had evolved the dogs have been used in many areas.

Statistics show that, on average, each search and rescue team within the UK has approximately 35 call outs per year and of those 35 one will result in a find. This does not appear to be very successful however as far as CanTech’s results are concerned we can say that whilst the missing person has not always been located in the areas we have been given to search, the teams have been able to give valuable information to the search manager that the areas are ‘clear ‘ enabling them to progress the search into other areas. To date all persons we have been asked to search for have been accounted for. If they have been in the areas allocated to us to search they have been found or if not, when subsequently located have been well outside the allocated search areas ranging from a few miles to several counties away. So the dogs have been seen to be very successful in either locating the missing person or clearing search areas to advance the search.

CanTech members are available 24/7 and all their services are free. There is no official funding so CanTech relies totally on donations, fund raising and the members themselves. All expenses for a search are covered from the attending individual members own pockets. As you can imagine this can be very costly, especially with the increase in fuel prices. All donations however small are most welcome and appreciated. If you feel you can support us in anyway the please go to ‘Contact us’ and let us know how you would like to help.